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To thrive, women suffered with the facts

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To thrive, women suffered with the facts

“We have to recognize one to fact determines its own guidelines, and these guidelines can often be more than horrible. An enthusiastic Armenian lady, sustaining the girl conventional part off “protector of the hearth”, is even modifying. She actually is more knowledgeable, a lot more mind-convinced and you may healthier. Sometimes the woman is obligated to deal with besides the role off a protector, but in addition the jobs away from guardian and you will maker of your own fireplace. Examples are numerous, and disregarding her or him was foolish and you will absurd. However, all of this takes place not in the name from versatility and you may feminism, however, within the challenges from reality. Of course, in the future this can resulted in introduction out of yet another age group of females that happen to be confident and care about-depending. Recently all of our men are damaged. I am fearless enough to know this. The latest age bracket your fathers and you may grandfathers with real male thinking, is actually sadly, a history.”

  • Feminists is agencies off foreign places whose point would be to ruin the Armenian community, that is centered on “natural” and “moral” sex office off spots.So it misconception is near-by Robinson’s have a look at. Yet not, when you are Robinson considered that feminists had emerged to help you destroy the fresh new capitalist living, the brand new Armenian anti-feminists fault feminists if you are Us representatives which pass on “American” and you will “European” life-style, fight and you may aim at destroying the latest “actual, absolute Armenian way of being.”

And therefore really should not be blamed into “underground ebony forces that need in order to wreck the country,” but ourselves, and you will first and foremost, the newest boys

Throughout the an attention category interview, a participant asked this new moderator: “Exactly what, you would like new American facts for all of us?” Whenever asked the way it was at America, and what was “crappy and you may dangerous,” zero clear answer try gotten.

“On the of numerous days we have talked about the latest fascination your country because of the international countries, plus the of numerous signs of this curiosity. Now, although not, I do want to discuss one of the primary damage of 21 st century, that’s, feminism.”

“An Armenian feminists. Which term by itself tunes uncommon to help you ears. It looks ridiculous plus ridiculous. The fresh new axioms out-of “feminism” and you may “an enthusiastic Armenian Lady” don’t match the fresh thinking regarding an enthusiastic “average Armenian guy”.”

At the time, an interesting desire is observed from inside the data. Inside mass media and you may web courses, and from inside the appeal group interviews, much of men and women considering feminism due to the fact “evil” highlight that they’re not against equality ranging from group, however they are facing feminism. That is to say, the term “feminism” itself is observed getting a risky experience, because it is a different, and not a national phenomenon.

The brand new considerations out of feminism once the international, non-Armenian and you may hazardous is actually directly pertaining to the latest anti-Western temper and tend to be clearly indicated to your development of specialist-Russian attitude. It must be detailed the myth of “feminists due to the fact international representatives” is in full compliance on prevalent emotions inside Russian community.

His pamphlet entitled “Trap away from Fame” (Vorogayt Parats) blogged during the 1773 and you may said to be the initial Armenian Structure, obviously reflects new low-discriminatory, feminist and you will knowledgeable thoughts of your own copywriter in order to facts regarding equality ranging from people

The latest attribution from feminism in order to “international origins” is actually alarming while the nonetheless back in 12 th millennium Mkhitar Gosh paid off higher awareness of intercourse points in his Datastanagirk (New Code). The guy chatted about in detail gender issues that had been linked to company of relations ranging from people (primarily marriage), which range from marriage agreements so you’re able to terminology and you will effects from separation and divorce. Almost every other thinkers accompanied Gosh, as well as Shahamir Shahamirian. According to Shahamirian, all of the humans, if or not men or women, Armenian otherwise a foreigner, need equivalent rights and you may found equal buy performs, in addition to delight in equal feelings on the themselves.

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