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When you look at the Sort of Homecoming, Sheidheda awakens strapped in order to a seat towards Bardo and you may hooked up to help you a keen IV drip

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When you look at the Sort of Homecoming, Sheidheda awakens strapped in order to a seat towards Bardo and you may hooked up to help you a keen IV drip

Wear Disciple armor and you may cloaked, Sheidheda exists on the Anomaly on 2nd Start Bunker on Earth

Regarding their position fastened, Sheidheda watches this new conflict anywhere between Clarke and you will friends and also the Disciples you to closes into the Flame permanantly destroyed and more than folks leaving in order to rescue people they know. Prior to Clarke is also hop out from the Anomaly, the new Black Commander weakly says to Bellamy he might help Bellamy if the Bellamy helps him. Sheidheda delivers Bellamy so you’re able to Madi’s sketchbook on the their throne which has had Madi’s illustrations of memories she’s got become feeling about most other Commanders.

Just before he is able to, Gabriel address the new Dark Leader away from Madi and you can purchases their to find help from Indra

Cadgoan, experiencing Madi’s sketchbook, statements that Dark Leader try happy your Disciples introduced your in order to Bardo or Sheidheda could be inactive. Cadgoan asks regarding the Madi’s paintings and you may Sheidheda acknowledges you to as he don’t draw him or her, the guy knows who performed. Whether or not Cadogan normally dig through this new Black Commander’s thoughts, he requires what the guy desires as an alternative. Sheidheda wants assurances that Sanctum was their, they can ruin the Stone plus the Disciples cannot come right back. Cadogan claims that the Anomaly Stones are indestructible, but they can have Sanctum.

Cadogan doubts that Dark Leader understands precisely what the drawings suggest, but he understands that it indicates that somebody has actually recollections maybe not her, thoughts one to Cadogan requires first off the last Combat, a conflict one to Sheidheda wants no element of. Cadgoan states you to Sheidheda would-be an integral part of they if he really wants to or otherwise not since if they win, then they usually transcend beyond its mortal models. But not, the brand new Black Frontrunner has actually their new looks and you may Cadogan tells your which he tend to transcend regardless if he joins the battle. Sheidheda requires whether they have a deal, however, Cadogan calls your a trick, telling the newest Ebony Frontrunner when they beat, it won’t matter when the the guy matches or not or and this globe he’s for the since the the individual usually pass away. Sheidheda demonstrates Madi contains the recollections and you may Cadogan realizes that Bellamy realized hence are as to the reasons Clarke killed him.

Sheidheda alerts one Clarke can never let Cadogan capture the lady man hence Cadogan’s hit people might get the child murdered. Sheidheda shows that Cadogan publish your as an alternative, saying that however wished no area of the challenge ahead of he’d know very well what was at risk: “transcend otherwise perish.” The Dark Frontrunner has been doing Madi’s head and feels one to the guy knows her much better than Madi knows by herself because strike cluster wouldn’t know Madi anyway. Sheidheda promises to rating Madi straight back, however their bargain need to still-stand then. Cadogan launches the fresh new Dark Frontrunner inside agreement and you may purchases him drawn on Anomaly.

Even in the event up against Indra, Gaia and you may Octavia whom cannot see him, the brand new Ebony Chief determines to not ever assault and you will rather to adhere to Octavia then Octavia and you will Clarke and find Madi. Once following the a couple in order to where Hope, Jordan, Murphy and you can Emori is actually gained within the a good worshop, Sheidheda learns you to Madi is in the rec area. Pleased, he shoves Octavia into the working area and you can tresses the team in the.

As the Madi and you may Gabriel have fun with the guitar regarding rec space, Sheidheda stabs Gabriel through the back and faces Madi. Blocking Madi’s avoid compliment of a port, Sheidheda reveals himself, advising the girl you to she is the answer to this new transcendence of one’s people and therefore they have come sent to offer the lady straight back even if Sheidheda would like to leadership, not to transcend. This new Dark Frontrunner suggests nanotracking pills he is able to used to bring the lady straight back peacefully, otherwise a blade in order to stab her with to carry her right back because of the force if she refuses. Attracting their suit’s knife rather, Sheidheda says he would rather abdomen Madi like a beneficial pig rather. Sheidheda stabs Gabriel a few times before you leave your so you can pass away and you may chasing Madi.

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